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Cleansing Milk Make-up Remover

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Make-up Remover Cleansing Milk - Eyes, lips and face
6.70 oz
The true secret of beauty lies in a few simple steps: Maintaining a simple daily routine that helps tone the skin in the morning and relax it in the evening.  Careful cleansing of face in not just a matter of personal hygiene but, as dermatologists confirm, it is the first step to keeping skin healthy, vital and luminous. The key to perfect facial cleansing - whether you have oily, dry or combination skin - is to use a non-aggressive, natural product. Our “Prima Spremitura BIO” cleansing milk for eyes, lips, and face is specially formulated for the face with the cleansing action linked to the high percentage of organic vegetable oils contained in the product. These oils, in fact, dissolve the grime and residue built up on the skin from make-up, smog and other environmental pollutants, which are then easily wiped away with a cotton ball, without disrupting the skin’s balance in the way detergents and soaps do.

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